A Poem for Iran's Rooftops

>> June 20, 2009

This video is pretty powerful. Its an Iranian woman reading a poem about the people of Iran, as the background is filled with Persians saying Allahu Akbar* into the night. I got this video from this website, which was recommended on Twitter by demi moore (@mrskutcher). There are more videos, that are also pretty awesome, posted onto YouTube by people inside of Iran, click the link above to watch them.

Today has not been a good day in Iran, full of tear gas, fires, police, abuses, and yet it seems the protest will go on. I love the great images coming in from TehranLive.org, in the one above, the woman is covering her face, like many protesters are, in a way of saying she is protesting for the freedom of speech she does not really have, yet.

*Allahu Akbar = literally means "God is great", and is ironic and symbolic because this same sentence (which is used often in Islam, during prayers), was used as a sort of chant during the '79 Revolution.


Keri June 21, 2009 at 1:12 AM  

Wow Nic! That was touching. You could feel the pain and grief in her voice. It is really sad that they are having to go through this.
It is so cool that we have this technology that can reach so far so everyone in the world can know what is going on in other countries.

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