Never Again?

>> October 6, 2008

Preview for the Documentary, Darfur Now:

This makes me so sad. It's crazy how at the beginning he says, "this is like Nazi Germany." I thought after Hitler's Germany, and the Holocaust we said never again? What happened to Never Again?

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

I stole this video from my friend Kim, who cares just as much as I do about Darfur. And I am stealing it because I want everyone to know! I don't understand how people can be indifferent and do nothing.

At least Joe Biden knows what he's talking about when it comes to Darfur, this is what he said in the Vice President Debate about Darfur on Thursday.
(see Question's transcript here)
I don’t have the stomach for genocide when it comes to Darfur. We can now impose a no-fly zone. It’s within our capacity. We can lead NATO if we’re willing to take a hard stand. We can, I’ve been in those camps in Chad. I’ve seen the suffering, thousands and tens of thousands have died and are dying. We should rally the world to act and demonstrate it by our own movement to provide the helicopters to get the 21,000 forces of the African Union in there now to stop this genocide.
~ Joe Biden
VP Debate, October 2, 2008
Sigh.. and I thought that Sarah Palin's answer in the debate, was the one and only thing I actually could agree with her on. Until I found this article, from Guess not. Governor Palin had claimed that she was all-for the divestment bill that failed in Alaska, earlier this spring, which would have divested holdings from Sudan in the Alaskan budget. However this article from the Washington Post, also explains that the Palin administration in Alaska was actually against the efforts, not for them; until it was too late for the Legislation to pass. Sounds familiar to that Bridge to Nowhere...
The Alaska Permanent Fund currently holds $22 million in Sudan-linked investments, according to the non-profit Sudan Divestment Task Force. Divestment advocates say the fund does not need an act of the state legislature to divest itself of those holdings. (from here)
China is the biggest contributor to Sudan's economy, fueling the war with their thirst for Sudanese oil. Yet another reason to hate the Chinese.. What happened to the world's moral conscience?

Click here to donate to the Save Darfur Coalition.


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