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>> June 21, 2008

Carmen with her daughter Brianne, me, Kim & Lina
Robintinos, Bountiful, Utah
June 21, 2008

Friends are Awesome..

Today I went to lunch with Old Library friends: Carmen, Kim & Lina. They are truly some of my favorite people. I don't think I would have survived the Family History Library as long as I did, for those long three years without them, in fact, I know I couldn't have done it. And, I don't see them much anymore, as we are all off living our separate lives in different ends of the valley, spanning from Orem to Roy, and soon Germany; but I do love them and I sure am going to miss them.

It was very odd saying "I'll see you next year!" out loud.

However, Kim is coming to Europe next year. She's going to Tours, France, so we most definitely have to go to Disneyland Paris together. It'll be some super kind of awesome.

I also have to say.. Carmen's baby Brianne. She is the cutest.


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