I hate Mugabe

>> June 23, 2008

Yesterday, in Zimbabwe, the man that was running against President (cough: dictator) Mugabe pulled out of the election. Basically giving the race away, and letting Mugabe win, because he said that asking the people of Zimbabwe to vote, was like asking them to risk their lives.

"The courageous people of Zimbabwe, of this country, and the people of the MDC have done everything humanly and democratically possible to deliver a new Zimbabwe and new government," candidate Morgan Tsvangirai said after a closed-door meeting of his Movement for Democratic Change.
Ick. How this bothers me. I wish there could just be democracy, and not have people that cause so many problems. Robert Mugabe is not a good man. He is an awful man, and an awful leader and someone should really get rid of him.

To understand better, click here to see Zimbabwe 2008 Election Timeline from CNN.

Sigh.. someone help the Zimbabwean people...

The sad thing is, there isn't oil in Zimbabwe, so I doubt Mr. Bush even knows where it is on the map. At least Barack Obama knows where it is, click here to see a statement he made about the evil of Mugabe over a year ago.


Alisha Holloway June 23, 2008 at 12:38 PM  

I can't comment much about your intellectually political stuff. For some reason i just cant get into that stuff...I am not smart enough or up with the news enough... But i had to comment on your picture with you in the crazy hat and your funny face on the side of your blog... It's hilarious.

nicole June 23, 2008 at 10:25 PM  

At least you're reading my blog.. that's a start. ;) haha. Just kidding! I AM glad you're reading it though because then you'll get to read it while I'm in Deutschland!

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