>> May 23, 2008

I have always liked the poem Found, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. I have only ever heard it in English though, so I thought I would look it up and read the German version. The way that he wrote it; not a translated one. So here it is... For those of you that don't speak any German, there is English down below. Because, either way, it's a good poem.


by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ich ging im Walde
So für mich hin,
Und nichts zu suchen,
Das war mein Sinn.

Im Schatten sah ich
Ein Blümchen stehn,
Wie Sterne leuchtend
Wie Äuglein schön.

Ich wollt es brechen,
Da sagt' es fein:
Soll ich zum Welken,
Gebrochen sein?

Ich grubs mit allen
Den Würzeln aus,
Zum Garten trug ichs
Am hübschen Haus.

Und pflanzt es wieder
Am stillen Ort;
Nun zweigt es immer
Und blüht so fort.



I was walking in the woods
Just on a whim of mine,
And seeking nothing
That was my intention.

In the shade I saw
A little flower standing
Like stars glittering
Like beautiful little eyes.

I wanted to pick it
When it said delicately:
Should I just to wilt
Be picked?

I dug it out with all
Its little roots.
To the garden
I carried it

By the lovely house.
And replanted it
In this quiet spot;
Now it keeps branching out


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